Who We Are

Leasehold Finance Advisors LLC, is the first and only consulting group comprised of field agents who have spent their careers on the ground. Our knowledge and expertise in cell tower agreements, cell tower buy-outs, and cellular negotiations serve to provide landowners with a direct path to maximum value. At LFA LLC, we realize that landowners nationally are still being pursued by predatory consulting firms whose primary goal is to acquire and negotiate at the lowest amount price possible. We stand alone as the only consulting firm that represents landowners 100% of the time, with aligned interests, and we refuse to be swayed by investors who still pursue assets at below- market rates. Our Cellular Tower Blue Book is the first market-wide pricing guide provided by a group that does not have the intent of also acquiring your lease.

Cell Tower Lease

Cellular tower leases


How LFA can help:

Lease Business Audits

We have a dedicated team that assists landowners in reviewing their leasehold for business concepts and missteps your lease. Are you owed money? We can help you find out.

New Lease Consultation

Being approached for a new lease or option? Do you want to know how far you can negotiate? We can help.

Cell Site Management

Interested in having your site managed by an experience wireless leasing company?

Lease Extension Support

Our team follows the current market conditions nationally, to ensure landowners have all of the information available for their next long- term decision


Interested in selling? We can assist you in placing your property in a centralized marketplace in front of 15 different investors to ensure you achieve maximum value.

Solar Energy Leases

Is your site a candidate for renewable energy? By answering a few questions below, we may be able to help you reduce your annual energy costs by as much as 15%.

Cellular Tower Blue Book

LFA LLC, places the information at your fingertips to help you understand the true value of your lease. Since our group does not acquire leaseholds, you can be assured the data is not tailored to help drive down the evaluation for our benefit.