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C Blake

I would like to thank Ron for his time and patience with the cell tower company and myself. Ron showed good communication skills and was very professional. I feel Ron had my best interests in mind. I won’t hesitate to call Ron in the future when it comes time to deal with negotiations with the cell tower company. Night, weekend, or any time of the day Ron was there to answer emails, texts, or phone calls. I work a 12-hour shift so it wasn’t always ideal or easy for communications. Throw into the mix of very poor cell reception at my location of employment.
In my opinion, based on my observances, Ron is very fair, hard-working, and has strong family values in which I admire.


Brandon M. Mersman

City Manager,City of Bronson

Ron Reiss has been very responsive and helpful in advising us as a landlord with our cellular provider leases. Ron is extremely helpful in answering questions for us regarding lease terms and equipment modifications to ensure we are protected and that we are not missing out on any additional revenue. We are very glad to have Ron on our side in managing our leases.

Thomas Weir

VIP Towers

It did not take long after our first meeting for me to realize that you were the person that had the experience and the market knowledge to successfully help us navigate the sales process. Throughout the tedious sales process you always responded to emails and returned phone calls in a very timely manner, and answered all our questions with a thorough explanation….. you were extremely organized and we could have not been more satisfied.. I have never been happier to pay a commission.

Jason Mart

CEO RenoSys Corp

In the turbulent sea of obfuscation, secrecy and downright misinformation created by the cell tower management industry Ron and his firm LFA provide both the lighthouse and the trusted beacon that guide our firm safely into the snug harbor of a “done cell tower deal”. There are a lot of sharks in the water. Don’t try this on your own.

Indianapolis, IN


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